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Fully funded digital solutions for your regional or small publishing business.

Applications are now open for the Regional and Small Publishers Innovation Fund! You have a four-week window to apply, commencing on 24th April and closing on 22nd May. Leave your details to receive real-time updates and a copy of our advisory pack.



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The Regional and Small Publishers Innovation Fund been brought forward: submissions are now open – and are closing soon, on 22nd May 2020 at 2:00 PM AEST.

You can be awarded funding for technology solutions that make your publishing business more sustainable. We can help you find a use case that meets the funding criteria and gives your publication the support it needs.

We have helped small and regional publishers win funding and deploy a solution that works, ever since the first round of funding was released in 2018.

Some examples of the outcomes we've provided include:

  • Multi-channel workflow publishing system and DAM, to manage content for print, web, and mobile in one hub
  • Reduced operational costs and faster production time, through automation
  • Increased revenue via mobile-optimised news portal, paywall and subscription management tool

All our solutions are easy to use, are implemented by our locally based team, and come with ongoing training and advice to get the most of your new system.

We partner with global-best vendors such as Amazon Web Services, and Woodwing. We are fully authorised to re-sell and support their software, which we integrate with your existing systems.


The Regional & Small Publishers Innovation Fund

What is the 2020 round of Regional Innovation Fund?

Eligible regional and small publishers across Australia can apply for grant money from the fund to source and establish new ways to publish print and digital content to make their business more profitable and sustainable.

How much money will be available for grants?

The Australian Government Innovation Fund 
provides up to 16 million in grants to small and regional publishers over 3 years. In 2018, the Australian Government awarded up to $3.6 million to 25 grant applicants for 29 projects under Round 1. Round 2 was completed in 2019 and Round 3 due to open in 2021 has now been launched ahead of time to support publishers in light of the additional challenges created by the Covid crisis.


Individual grants are capped at $400,000 per applicant.

What is the intended outcome of the Grant?

The Opportunity is targeted at primarily regional news publishers who can demonstrate a solid business case to increase the sustainability of their publishing activities, including news gathering, production and distribution. 


A smaller percentage of the funds are also available to Metro-based local or national public interest news publishers as long as they fit the slightly tighter metro criteria. Successful applicants applied for and were awarded funding for a range of eligible activities.


For example:

  • Consultation to determine most suitable upgrades to improve efficiency and increase revenue
  • New website creation or upgrade
  • Content Management & Digital Asset Management plus Systems Integration
  • Training in new print production, digital and social integration technology
  • New revenue driven advertising and retail automations.


Creative Folks has guided a number of successful applicants in their grant submission for multi channel content workflows, which has resulted in delivering 40% efficiency in both print and integrated digital solutions.

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Applications close in

Why Creative Folks

With more than 20 years of experience and an impressive track record of happy clients, Creative Folks is the solution provider to get you ready for the future way of content consumption of your community. If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to let us know. If you leave your details with the form we will contact you as soon as possible.

Our solutions are based on 3 principles:

  • training TRAINING & GUIDANCE
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Creative Folks have helped over 50 organisations in Australia and New Zealand transform their management of content using workflow, automation and integration.

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The #1 trusted hosting solution in the world - Amazon Web Services - has teamed up with Creative Folks and WoodWing to bring the most reliable and powerful content platform to SMB publishers in Australia.