FREE DOWNLOAD: The Ransomware Checklist

ransomware-checklist-3d.pngProtect your business from ransomware attacks using this powerful 10-point checklist. 

Did you know that an average-sized small business can lose around $56,000 from ransomware attack (not to mention the damage to your credibility), and these attacks are increasing 5-fold each year. What's more, most of these attacks go unreported due to embarrassment...

Don't be the next silent victim. Get this FREE one-page checklist we use internally and with our own managed IT clients. This guide will help you:

  • Educate your team on what NOT to do (untrained employees are one of the top ways attackers get in).
  • Identify vulnerabilitieswhere cyber-attackers can get in.
  • Protect your business from the growing threat of ransomware and other cyber attacks.

Tip: print out this checklist and put it on the wall in the office so ALL employees can see it. 

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