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Introduction Session

In the 15 minutes, we will explain:

  • Talk about your needs and what you are looking to achieve

  • Understand your current challenges - both technology and process

  • Capture high level requirements

  • Identify how we can help and timelines for outcomes

  • Establish what the next steps should be

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What is an Introduction Session, and why should I book one?

There is a lot of information online about products and services, but sometimes you need guidance from people with experience.

We have found that it is best to first listen to what you and your organsiation wants to achieve, the current challenges you face in getting that outcome and what the high-level requirements are.

In this initial session, we will capture enough information to provide guidance on what the necessary steps will be, what types of technology and services you might need to get there and how long it will typically take.

At the end, we will identify what the best next steps are and who should get involved.

We don’t sell products to our customers and then try to make them fit. We work together to establish the right solution for your needs and deliver the best outcome for the most value.

Solving problems and continuous education has been our commitment to our customers for over twenty years, and it’s a commitment that starts at the beginning of the relationship.

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