Is content keeping you awake at night?

You can’t solve your Content Marketing problems just by working harder. Instead, you need a plan and a platform that will help you deliver the volume and quality of content your audience demands. You need to rewire your content creation process.

We can help transform your content delivery from an off-the-cuff process, into one seamless, connected journey with Sitecore Content Hub.


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How to Solve YourContent Crisis

We can help transform your content delivery from an off the-cuff process, into one seamless, connected journey. Here’s a summary of our 5 steps:

Step 1
Get content out of the channel

Move your content creation and management out of silos, to a place in front of or above your channels. This approach acknowledges the omnichannel nature of the content you create and manage.

Step 2
Define the process of content creation

Articulate the broad strokes of your content creation process. This will allow you to define the milestones of the content lifecycle, and break it down into use cases and the associated functional capabilities of each stage.

Step 3
Integrate in the enterprise landscape

Enterprise back office systems, or supplier sources, contain bits and pieces of information you will need in your end channels. If these are disconnected or siloed, you have a problem: integration is your solution.

Step 4
Modularise content

Once you go into localisation or personalisation scenarios for web or marketing automation, you’ll realise that managing all of the permutations of combined content elements is not sustainable.

Step 5
Define content ownership and governance

You’ve moved content out of channels and begun to view channels as users — not creators — of content. Now it’s time to determine who owns the rights and governance to each version, and who gives final approval on each one.


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