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  • Brand Consistency
    Take control of your assets and ensure each touchpoint is on-brand
  • Personalize & Localize
    Personalize your message, customize assets and empower sales team with regional impact
  • Resource Efficiency
    Let designers focus on creating; enable your marketers to scale campaigns while maintaining brand control

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Find out why every brand team needs a Brand Asset Management platform.

Most businesses assign huge value to their brand. Brand often delivers as much value to a business as products, employees and customers. However, in the past 5 years, brand has been the pillar that hasn’t been platformed. That's where Brandfolder come in.

Brandfolder is a pure play data-driven enterprise digital asset management (DAM) platform that enables businesses to organize, discover, manipulate, distribute and measure brand engagement from a single, fully-integrated source of truth. Brandfolder serves as the single source of truth for housing, distributing, showcasing, and enforcing every single aspect of your brand

Modular Customizability

Brandfolder runs deep with powerful features and modules. Yet we never let complexity distract from our key mission of maximizing user adoption.

Visually Intuitive and easy to administer

Brandfolder’s visual interface allows you to focus on your assets, not a cluttered DAM. With a subtle focus on feature design, it’s your assets that stand out, as they should.

Maintain Brand Health and consistency

Your brand is sacred, and must be protected. Brandfolder keeps your brand consistent, from integrated usage guidelines to advanced DRM controls. We are your source of truth. Track and analyse your brands assets using realtime data Surfacing data-driven insights is a key innovation priority for Brandfolder. We crunch numbers across hundreds of events, with the goal of understanding your brand health.



Creative Folks have helped over 50 organisations in Australia and New Zealand transform their management of content using workflow, automation and integration.

At Creative we think technology is exciting because it enables and inspires our clients to do truly amazing things. We are here to understand your business and tailor integrated technological solutions to give you the competitive advantage.

When you engage Creative Folks you’ll have access to project managers, solutions architects, engineers, developers and applications specialists—a full range of unique cross platform expertise.


Keep Your Brand Consist
Take control of your assets and ensure each touchpoint is on-brand


Find What You Are Looking For
Quickly search across a variety of asset metadata and taxonomy


Save Time & Resources
Let designers focus on creating by enabling marketers to scale campaign while maintaining brand control

Want to work smarter?

We get excited about making the business of communication easier.