DAM Assessment Duration: 20 Minutes

In this assessment, we will cover:

  • What digital assets are you working with?

  • What asset problems are you trying to solve?

  • How can a DAM help you solve these problems?

  • Who should have access to your DAM?

  • Should your DAM be in the cloud or managed on your own hardware?

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What is a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system?

We live in an era of digital transformation. Anything that can be digitised will be digitised. As a result, digital asset management (DAM) has turned from a 'nice-to-have', into a 'must'.

The definition of a DAM differs from organisation to organisation, depending on specific requirements.

If you're looking to leverage a DAM in your organisation, it is essential first to understand the 'why' and the 'how'.

At Creative Folks, we are specialists in Digital Asset Management. If you would like to understand how DAMs can add value to your business, book a session with us. Let's get DAM working for you...

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